RV Information for Kampgrounds of America, Inc.

Home On The Road

Joe and Vicki Kieva

A few of their tips:

ANGLE IT. Select a campsite that points the front of your RV toward the east or south. This allows the patio awning to protect the entry-door wall from the afternoon sun.

STAY COOL. On warm evenings, open windows a couple of inches on either side of your bed, close other windows and turn on the high-volume, roof-vent exhaust fan. It will draw in cooler outside air and move it across your body as you sleep.

RAISE IT. When dumping holding tanks, you might be able to improve the flushing action by raising the side of the RV opposite the holding tank valve. Use the RV’s leveling system or drive the wheels onto leveling blocks.

HOLD ‘EM. Travel vibrations can cause aluminum drink cans to leave black marks on your refrigerator’s interior walls and shelves. Prevent this by placing cans in a plastic storage box (without the lid) inside the fridge.