RV Information for Kampgrounds of America, Inc.

Ready For That First Camping Trip?

We’ve made the list…now you’d better check it twice…

Before you pile the family into your RV and hit the road to your next KOA, take a look at this checklist. After all, we want you safe and sound . . . and camping, for the entire year.

  1. Check that chassis: Give your rig a good going over by checking all fluid levels, the engine battery and even the lights, brakes and wheel lugs. Don’t forget the tire pressure.
  2. You might need that generator: Clean up your rig’s generator by servicing the air cleaner, check the oil level and make sure it can carry a full charge. Clean the connections, the governor and the choke linkage.
  3. Ya gotta keep the beer cold, too: Check your refrigerator by operating it on gas and looking at the burner to ensure that the flame burns blue. Make sure there are no obstructions in the ventilation system. Even check the knobs to make sure they aren’t stripped. That could cause a false thermostat reading.
  4. It might get hot: You paid for that air conditioner, so make sure it works correctly. Check all of the air filters, and make sure the coils are clean and free of debris. Check the voltage at the outside panel. Most systems are designed to operate at 120 volts plus or minus 10 percent.
  5. Now go inside: Turn off the water pump switch, close the windows and vents and cabinet drawers. Make sure the refrigerator door is closed tightly. How about your fire extinguishers? Are they in working order?
  6. It’s the little things you forget: Don’t leave without your prescription medicines and copies of those prescriptions; your sunglasses; camera and film; stationery and stamps; your address book; a tire gauge; spare parts for your generator; a first aid kit; pet supplies, extra toilet chemicals and paper and maps you’ll need.
  7. Don’t forget the “big picture”: Be sure your RV insurance is current. Avoid carrying too much cash. Confirm all of your reservations, discontinue your mail and newspaper delivery and notify your neighbors of your return date.
  8. Are you towing a car with a bar?: Check all of the connections and welds. Make sure the safety chains are crossed under the coupling and hooked. Check the lights, transmission, drive shaft and parking brake. Take a spare set of keys and don’t attempt to back up when you are hooked up.
  9. And finally, just before you pull out: Disconnect and stow the electrical cord, sewer hose and water hose. Check to make sure the TV antenna is down. Turn off the propane. Raise the leveling jacks. Secure the awning, retract the steps, lock the outside door, adjust the rearview mirror, buckle up and GO CAMPING!